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Aminomax is a biostimulant that meets the needs of crops that undergo significant physiological changes or climate and enviromental stress. Its surface tension also allows it to determine a better absorption for the plant.

Amino Gold is a product based on L-amino-acids obtained using Total Enzymatic Hydrolysis. The raw materials used are purified proteins with a constant composition of amino-acids.

Aminomax has a low surface tension which allows it to come into contact with the surface of the plant thereby increasing absorption. Also increase the absorbtion because of the humidifying effect.

To obtain a extraordinary degree high efficiency and pure product 3 different types of enyzme is used during hydrolysis of Aminomax.


Aminomax can be applied from foliar and drip irrigation. Recommended for especially for stress situations. It has ability to buffer the solution and control pH.



  • Free Aminoacids              10%
  • Total Organic Matter      15%
  • Total Nitrogen                   3,2%
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