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Ecoliv is based on seaweed extract, free L-amino acids and molybdenum for the moments of fruit-setting and fattening, and is also ideal for the correction of molybdenum deficiencies. The seaweed extract contains natural phytohormones like auxins, cytoquinins and gibberilins. The molybdenum is complexed with the amino acids in Ecoliv which in turn have a biostimulating effect in the plant.

Ecoliv has these ingrediendts and effects :

L-aminoacids : Promote protein synthesis

Plant Hormones : Cellular growth and differentation, acitvation of enzyme and energy

Molybdenum : Nitrogen bonding and uptaking nitrogens. Molybdenum is an essential trace element in plant nutrition; some lands are barren for lack of this element in the soil.



  • Molybdenum    4%
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