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MARS 16.8.24 + TE

MARS 16.8.24 + TE

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Well combined mixture of Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium with trace elements.

Features our most advanced chelating system and boosted levels of micronutrients to fit the specific needs of today’s crops

It can be used on all vegetables and fruits, especially tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, cucumbers, melons, watermelons, zucchini, edible vegetables (lettuce, curly cabbage, cabbage, etc.). It is especially recommended to be used during the development period after flowering and during the harvest. It strengthens the vegetative part of the plant with its nitrogen content. With potassium, your products will be of high quality and resistant to diseases and pests. It prevents the plant from water loss and provides resistance to arid conditions. Since it contains phosphorus, it encourages flowering and rooting. It increases the photosynthesis efficiency with magnesium and ensures that the plants acquire a dark green color. Helps increase yield by collecting extraction agents in the crop with the trace elements all chealeted.


  • Total Nitrogen    16%
  • Phosphorous       8%
  • Potassium          24%  
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