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Correction of Nitrogen deficiency

SPRINTER is used to rapidly supply the Nitrogen requirement of plants.

SPRINTER provides the development of the newly formed leaves, flower eyes, longer root formation due to the functional activity on cell development. It’s effectively taken into the plant directly through the leaf tissue in due to the special formulation of the product.

Product activates the enzymes required during the growth of plants. It provides one of the block materials of Chlorophyl Synthesis. It prevents premature aging of the plant during the season. SPRINTER provides strength for the vegetative components of the plant through its rapid effect.

Field crops, fruit trees, vegetables, tomatoes, peppers, cabbage, eggplant, cucumber, beans, lettuce, celery, marrow, broccoli, potatoes, sugar beet, carrot, onion, rice, barley, wheat, corn, cotton, soybeans, clover, grapes, melons, watermelon, mango, cauliflower, strawberry, pistachio and peanut, olive, almond, cherry, peach, apricot, apple, pear, plum, citrus and ornamental plants;


  • Field Crops : 100-300 cc/da
  • Fruit Trees: 100-200 cc/da
  • Ornamentals: 100-200 cc/da
  • Olive: 100-300 cc/da
  • Vegetables: 100-200 cc/da
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