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  • Promotes healthy root growth
  • Accelerate enzymatic reactions
  • Regulate the soil pH
  • Humic acid content chelate macro and micro elements in soil
  • Improve soil conditions
  • Increase yield

Change forms of the micro and macro plant nutrition elements which is already in soil from non-uptake able to uptake able whatever soil has low or high temprature.

Vitamol is used to develop rooting and regulate the soil texture. Accelerate enzym reactions, increase the yield and adjust the pH of soil.

When applied to clay and sandy soils, humic acid can help break up compacted soils, allowing for enhanced water penetration and better root zone growth and development.

Humic acid is also especially important for plant growth because of its ability to chelate micro and macro nutrients increasing their bio-availability.


  • Total Organic matter       40 %
  • Total Nitrogen                   3 %
  • Water Soluble K2O           3 %
  • Humic Fulviic Acid            30%
  • pH                                       4-6
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